The Design: A necklace crafted with a rainbow of multiple colored strands of Czechoslovakian glass seed beads accented at the base with gold bars

    Johannesburg, the city of gold, is the largest metropolis in the “rainbow nation” that is South Africa. Born on grassy highlands, at 1753 meters above sea level, with few natural water sources, and a climate unfriendly to vegetation, it had little above ground to attract human settlement. But the treasure of gold below ground, revealed to the world in 1886, triggered a rush of migrants from all over the planet to exploit the area’s mineral riches. Laborers from within the country and from surrounding states, streamed into the area to man the gold mines and create the foundation of the colorful cultural amalgamation that became fully expressed after the end of South Africa’s oppressive Apartheid era (1948-1991). The symbol of the rainbow, taken from the story of Noah and the flood, was adopted to represent South Africa’s hope for a bright future after a period of tragedy.

    Egoli (ɛˈɡəʊlɪ ) noun. a local name for Johannesburg. origin. Zulu

    At its industrial height, the Johannesburg area produced 40% of the world’s gold. Presently the city is home to over 4 million people. This piece of wearable art celebrates a history of tragedy and triumph that is the legacy of this fascinating city.

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