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    The Sisterhood Connection

    by Angela

    As women, lucky enough to have a sister, we are blessed with are our first confidantes and compatriots. It is easier to navigate through the many trials, tribulations and also triumphs, treasured moments with someone who has, or will, face the same experiences, good and bad, that come with being born in a female body. In my particular case, being the oldest child, meant that I was often the sibling pioneer — going forth into new experiences and unconsciously reporting back to my two younger siblings on what lay in store. With the “oldest” status comes many unspoken responsibilities and obligations — which one is unaware of growing up. But, parents, may be unknowingly, realize that the oldest child sets the pace and themes for the  younger siblings. My parents, both being educators, probably had this knowledge — and made an extra effort to direct my path in ways that would be for “the better good”. So I will unashamedly take credit for my sibling’s accomplishments! And they are both wonderfully talented and gracious people.  So as the experimental child, I established a mold that resulted in successful follow-ons.

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